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Lickety Split's custom printing work isn't about transactional orders. It's about relationships. Over 95% of our custom printing clients become regular customers, returning over and over because they know and trust us to deliver a fun, smooth experience (along with perfect printing).

We've built long-term business friendships (yes, businesses can be friends!) with wedding stationers, brand designers, business owners, and all types of creatives.

Want to be business friends?

“You make me feel like your partner in crime!”

Schuyler, Wedding Stationer
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Let’s be best friends. Kidding. (Not really.)

For the detail-oriented folks (we see you!), all the info on working with us for custom printing is below.

(Not a big reader? Just emily@licketysplitpress.com with anything you want to know.)

Placing an order

How do I submit a custom order?

Easy-peasy. Just email your order to emily@licketysplitpress.com and attach your artwork files. Please include as many of the following details as you can:

  • Quantity
  • Size(s)
  • Paper(s)
  • Print method(s)
  • Ink / foil color(s)
  • Deadline, if applicable
Can I change my custom order once it's submitted?

We may be able to adjust your order depending on how far along we are in the process. Reach out ASAP and we'll do our best! But please keep in mind, this usually ends up incurring additional costs if we're too far along, so please do your best to make sure you're confident in your order details before placing your custom order.

Can I cancel my custom order?

You can cancel a custom order after you've approved it, but you will be responsible for all expenses already incurred for your project, including both material expenses if we've bought anything, and labor expenses if we've begun the work. We'll send you an amended invoice with the total due upon cancellation.


What's the turnaround for my custom order?

Every project’s different, but typically:

  • Simple projects with a single press run usually take about week to ship.
  • Wedding suites with multiple pieces in a single print method usually take about two weeks to ship.
  • Complex projects combining multiple print techniques and materials usually take 2-3 weeks (or longer) to ship.
But what if I need it faster?

If you need your order by a certain deadline, please email us and we'll let you know if we can swing it based on the current production queue. We'll do our best!

If your requested deadline is too tight based on the current queue, we'll give you three options to choose from:

  • Standard turnaround — The ship window we can accommodate without any rush charges.
  • Super-fast — A 15% rush fee will allow your order to ship about a week faster.
  • Super-duper-fast — A 30% rush fee will allow you to skip the rest of the queue and get on press right away.

The rush fees cover the expenses of rush-shipping your plates and materials, as well as keeping the studio open late to produce your job outside of our normal business hours. Thanks for understanding!

Production details

What are my paper options?

You can supply your own paper, or we can handle it — your choice!

Anything goes, but the lines we use most often are Savoy, Lettra, Colorplan, and Gmund. If you need help choosing or don't have access to swatchbooks, ask us and we'll make recommendations.

Visit our Paper Guidance page for in-depth guidance.

How should I set up my files?

Well, thank you for asking!

Outlined vector files are ideal. We also love supporting files like mockups or client approval forms if they'll help us see your vision.

We'll always double-check that your files are set up right for platemaking, so don't stress about them too hard.

Please visit our Artwork Guidance page for more in-depth file prep guidance and best practices.

Please visit our Templates page if you need help setting up files for die cutting or envelope printing.

Can I reuse my plates and dies if I work with you?

Good question. Short answer: Yes, if you ask us in advance! Longer answers:

  • Letterpress: We use polymer plates for letterpress printing, because they cost a fraction of what traditional metal plates cost. We typically keep plates for wedding suites for only 1-2 weeks after printing, and for other types of stationery for up to 6 months. After this, your plate may be too brittle to re-use. If you know that you're likely to re-use a specific plate multiple times, just tell us when you place your order and we can help you decide if another solution (like a metal plate) makes more sense for you.
  • Foilstamp: We'll generally recycle our copper foilstamp dies every 3 months or so, because much of our printing is wedding suites and the dies are never re-used. If you think you might re-use your die, just tell us when you place your order, and we'll happily hold onto it or ship it to you with your order!
  • Die Cutting: We'll generally purge our die cutting dies every 3 months or so, because much of our printing is wedding suites and the dies are never re-used. If you think you might re-use your die, just tell us when you place your order, and we'll happily hold onto it or ship it to you with your order! *Note: If your custom die is a simple shape that we think other clients might find useful, we may recycle your custom die into our Die Library after your project is over so it can keep living its life! If you prefer not to have your die added to our shared library, just let us know and we'll happily respect that.
  • Embossing: We generally use polymer dies for embossing because they're extremely cost-effective. The same advice applies as in our Letterpress section above!


How can I pay?

We'll send a private invoice to your email address as soon as we start your project. You can pay your invoice with any major credit card, Paypal, or bank draft.

If you are a regular client and prefer to make your payments by check, email us and we're happy to coordinate this with you. Yay for no fees!

What are your payment terms?

For your first custom order with us, we accept 50% payment upfront, with the final 50% due upon project completion just prior to shipment.

For your second and all future custom orders, all business clients will be eligible for Net 30 terms. We will send an invoice when we start your project, and you'll have up to 30 days to submit payment.


How will my order be shipped?

Our default shipping option is fully-insured USPS Priority, which typically arrives to most of the US in two days (since we’re smack-dab in the center).

In some instances we may opt for fully-insured UPS Ground instead, which is more cost-effective if your item is particularly bulky or is headed to a more remote destination.

Can you ship faster?

We're always happy to ship via express or overnight options if you're in a hurry — just ask. Once we have your order packed and weighed, we'll send you the upgrade options and pricing for whatever service you request.

Can you ship with my preferred carrier instead?

We’re happy to ship via other carriers on request for a small additional handling charge — Please give us a heads up when you submit your order.

Can you ship internationally?

Yep! When shipping internationally, we will compare UPS vs. FedEx for the most cost-effective option depending on your destination. We'll also fill out any customs forms required by the carrier, but please note we cannot be responsible for any import duties incurred.

Can you blind ship to my client?

Yep! We can package in basic kraft packaging with no Lickety Split branding, and using your return address instead of ours. Please note that if you want this, you must request it when submitting each order.

Unfortunately, we can't store and use your own branded packaging. (Our studio space is limited and it would be chaos if we tried. Sorry!)

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