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File Templates

Die Library

There's no extra charge to use die-cutting dies from our in-house library. It's always expanding, so check back often! And if you don't see what you need here, reach out. We can easily have a die made for your project — just ask for a quote.

Envelope Liner Dies

Euro Liner Dies

These Euro Liner dies fit envelopes from Announcement Converters, LCI, and Printswell:

These Euro Liner dies fit envelopes from Soho:

Square Flap Liner Dies

These Square Flap Liner dies fit envelopes from Announcement Converters, LCI, and Printswell:

Arch Dies
Pill Dies
Hang Tag Dies
Wrap & Pocket Dies

Envelope Printing Templates

If you're sending us envelope files for digital variable printing, please use the file templates below. These have been set up for compatibility with our machines. If you do not use these templates, we'll need to adapt your files to our templates prior to printing for an additional fee.

How to use:

  • Open template file in Indesign.
  • Do not unlock or edit the Dieline layer. This is only included for your reference for positioning.
  • Add your artwork to the Artwork layer.
  • If your artwork has a static element across all pages (e.g. return address or kindly deliver to, please put those elements on the Master page instead of on every individual page.
  • Triple bonus points if you use Paragraph Styles to style your text before your data merge, so we can make edits (e.g. add strokes, etc.) if necessary during the print process without changing every individual page.
Square Flap Envelopes

These templates fit envelopes from Announcement Converters.

How the Die Library works

Lickety Split has invested in a small library of commonly used dies, like circles, arches and Euro flap liners, so that all our clients can use them at no extra cost.

The library is a community resource, and we think sharing is good! If you have a custom die made in a shape that we think other clients might find useful, we may recycle your custom die into our Die Library after your project is over so it can keep living its happy little die life. If you'd rather we keep your die out of the library, we're always more than happy to respect that — just let us know in advance and we'll ship it to you instead.