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Every project gives a kid a book.

A note from Emily

As beautiful as cotton paper and hand-mixed inks are, the very best printing in the whole world is on the pages 
of children’s books.

The books we read as children make us who we are. Between my parents, my school and my local library, I had access to any book I wanted. I explored other worlds in magic school buses and tree houses and wardrobes. I was a student at Bailey School and Wayside School and Battle School and Hogwarts. I grew up at Green Gables and on the prairie and in the Lower Elements. It's how I developed the curiosity and enthusiasm and self-esteem that landed me here.

Unfortunately, a lot of kids in the U.S. don’t have the access they need to books that show them how big and wonderful the world can be. I’m grateful that Lickety Split Press is able to give all of our clients a chance to be part of a solution for improving childhood literacy in our country.

Every custom project we print gives a brand-new book to a child in need through the nonprofit Kids Need to Read, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a 97% Charity Navigator rating. And the best part? We picked this project-based donation structure because it'll hold us accountable: The more we grow, the more we'll give. This is just the beginning.

Every custom project puts a book in a child’s hands.

Projects <$500

Lickety Split will donate a board book or picture book for toddlers and new readers.

Projects $500-2000

Lickety Split will donate a chapter book for elementary and middle school readers.

Projects $2000+

Lickety Split will donate a boxed set of a book series to encourage readers to stick with it!

How does it work?

Our donations are made at the end of each quarter. We make selections and send book donations directly to Kids Need to Read. We're happy to make the selection on your behalf — you don't need to do anything extra!

But if you're a book lover and would like the donation from your project to be a specific book that was one of your favorites as a child, just let us know by hitting the button below! You can also choose from the Kids Need to Read Amazon Wishlist, which is curated to include empowering books from a diverse range of voices that will resonate with the children they serve.

Thanks for helping us do some good with every press run.

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