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Paper Guidance

Guidance for:

Paper: it’s our favorite topic of conversation.

The basics

Can I provide my own paper?

Of course! You can order your own paper and have it shipped straight to Lickety Split Press. Here’s the rules:

  • Email us and we'll share the shipping address.
  • Keep in mind our paper overage requirements (on our Pricing Sheet) when you calculate your quantity. Also, remember to allow room for margin if your project includes bleeds, die-cutting, or duplexing. (We're always happy to double-check your paper math before you order!)
  • Please forward us the tracking number when you receive it. (This way we can alert you if your package doesn't show up on time or if it's missing anything you ordered.)
Can you order the paper?

Sure thing! We have wholesale suppliers and will happily handle the paper for your project. No sweat. Paper costs aren't included in the Pricing Sheet, but we can always give you an estimate — just ask.

Do you have house papers?

We typically have a stock of Reich Savoy 100% Cotton 118# and 236# in both Natural White and Brilliant White.

That said, we like to keep things flexible so our clients can pick any paper that's perfect for their job. We love Savoy but don't feel pressured to stick with it — all our other favorite paper suggestions are below!

If you're feeling lost in the world of paper, let us know and we'll recommend paper for your project.

White papers

White cotton paper suggestions

Uncoated 100% cotton paper is our favorite. It's soft to the touch, takes a deep impression, and is made from sustainable fibers. It's best suited for wedding invitations and stationery. Our favorite lines:

  • Reich Savoy: Available in Brilliant White or Natural White, 118# single-ply or 236# double-ply
  • Crane's Lettra: Available in Fluorescent White, Pearl White or Ecru, 110# single-ply or 220# double-ply
  • Boxcar Flurry: Available in Bright White, White or Soft White, 118# single-ply or 236# double-ply

If you aren't sure, our personal favorite is Savoy Natural White.

White non-cotton paper suggestions

If you're creating something that needs to stand up to wear and usage, you may want a non-cotton paper. We usually recommend this for business cards, or for envelopes that may be calligraphed and/or may be mailed a long distance. Our favorite line is:

These shades are similar to cotton options and can be combined (e.g. Superfine envelopes with Savoy cards).

Colored papers

Can you print on colored papers?

For sure! Our tips and tricks:

  • Letterpress: Inks are semitransparent, so we can only print colors that are darker than the paper. (e.g. Navy ink on light blue paper is great; we can't do light blue ink on navy paper.)
  • Foil stamp: Foils are opaque, so you can stamp any color foil on any color paper. Sky's the limit!
Colored paper suggestions

Two lines we love:

  • Colorplan Papers: A wide variety of shades and weights. A smooth uncoated surface that takes impression well, with many great brights and neutrals.
  • Gmund Colors Matt: A range of weights in 48 shades. A slightly textured natural surface that takes impression well, with sophisticated light and dark tones.

Not seeing the right color for you? We also love the Nudes line by Announcement Converters, or anything by French Paper.

If you're stuck, we have other options. The whole wide world of paper is open to you. Reach out!

Paper samples

Can you send me paper samples?

Probably! We have file cabinets full of previous projects, and if we have a sample of what you're looking for, we're happy to mail it out. Just ask.

If we don't have your paper on hand, we can arrange for sample sheets to be shipped to you from our suppliers, usually for a few dollars per sheet. You can also order entire swatchbooks directly from paper mills, if you're building your stationery library!

Still not sure?

We've got all the answers. Just ask.