Lickety Split is a beloved side HUSTLE.

During the day, Emily works as a senior designer at Hyperquake in Cincinnati, designing brands, websites, prototypes, installations, and product concepts of all types. But she spends evenings and weekends with this 1600-pound cast-iron press creating tiny little works of art.

What is letterpress?

Letterpress is an old-school printing method where you roll ink onto a raised plate (either type or image), then apply that plate to a sheet of paper to transfer the design. (Play the video below to check it out.) Letterpress has been coming back in style, as people start falling in love with products that have that “human” touch. It’s very popular now for everything from wedding suites to business collateral and retail materials.


How do we print?

We typically use 100% cotton paper (which allows a beautiful, deep impression), with hand-mixed letterpress inks. Every sheet is fed by hand (carefully!), and that process is repeated for every color in the design. It’s a painstaking process, but totally worth it — and it can be more affordable than you might think.

We love a challenge, so if you want an unusual paper color, shape or size, just ask! We can also accommodate duplexing, foilstamping, or other print techniques you want to mix in.


What can you print?

In our Cincinnati-area studio, we don’t just print — we design, too! Everything you see in our Shop was designed by us. We can also create custom designs for anything you like, including wedding invitation suites, baby announcements, business cards, letterhead, and more. (Such excellent service does carry an hourly fee.)

And hey, we know what a thrill it is to have your own artwork brought to life on press — so if you’re a designer or entrepreneur and want us to print from your files, we’d be happy to do it!


Not sure whether letterpress is right for your project?

Reach out. We’ll be happy to talk you through the process, and if we think your project is better suited to some other print method, we’ll give you a referral to another studio who will do it well!